Outlook certificate revocation checks fail with Sandboxie 5.33 (and 5.31, 5.32)

I am experiencing a problem with running Outlook 2019 Home & Office (using a gmail account) in Sandboxie 5.33.1,  5.33.2, 5.33.3 sandboxes.  When Outlook is run in any of these versions, it throws an alert about its inability to get certificate revocation information for Google certificates.

The problem does not always occur immediately after starting Outlook sandboxed.  It appears Outlook checks certificate information intermittently and when it does, the error occurs.

The problem began with version 5.33.1; it does not occur in version 5.31.6.  Nor does it occur when Outlook is run unsandboxed.

The alert:

OS: Windows10 1903, build 18362.592

Outlook: 1910 (build 12130.20410)

Dell Precision 7530, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD primary, 2TB HDD secondary