Using the same folder for multiple instances

Hello guys,


a few years ago I was using sandboxie in a work environment.

We were able to run the same program multiple times from the same folder.

I am trying to do the same now on my personal computer.

At the moment I have the problem that some times the program is fetching updates inside the sandboxie even tho I updated the original program already which generates a lots of traffic and disk usage which is kinda unnecessary and annoying for me. So I am looking for a way around it...

Is it maybe possible to use the same folder for multiple sandboxies?

  • Have you found answer to this?

  • I would not do this way because reading a folder with multiple instances is just going to complicate your flow.

    I would instead have a single route which reads the files and puts the content on a queue (it can be jms, amqp whatever) along with the filename as a header. Then you can have parallel processing on that queue and do parallel write to the destination folder. That will make your solution easier to handle and extend in case you need to read additional folders.