Problem with Sandboxie - Youtube/Video sites

Hello, I have a problem with sandboxie not running "plugin-container.exe" which is required by some or most videos on youtube or other video-viewing sites. I'll try my best to explain my problem.

First, my system is Windows XP SP3, I have firefox 52.9.1 (the last possible version), and the last avaiable sandboxie for Win XP - 5.22

I've followed this guide very carefully and done all the required about:config values for getting videos to play. And everything works just fine as expected in regular firefox.

However, firefox in sandboxie does not seem to work properly. Like viewing any youtube videos will make the spinning circle animation forever unless i disable "media.gmp.decoder.enabled" - Then some youtube videos will work. However, i need this enabled so everything will work. This will make the plugin-container.exe run -- But that never happens with sandboxie and I can never figure out why.

I've seriously tried everything i can possibly ever think of and nothing will get that file to show up in the sandboxie's main window. Also when that decoder.enabled value is set to true. It breaks the "Troubleshooting information" where all boxes on the screen are always empty, just doesnt show anything at all, and also creates a bug where i have to force-terminate firefox from the sandboxie control even after shutting down firefox. Again...unless i disable that pref, then the troubleshooting info page will appear normally.

I also view streams on -- this requires that pref to be enabled, so that it runs the plugin-container.exe. Again, this works perfectly fine in firefox normally ...just not sandboxie. I went through the trouble of downloading "process monitor" by clicking on a live stream page for example on un-sandbox firefox, and sandbox firefox, and basically ...sandboxie doesnt seem to ever show any query's or going to that GMP folder (in firefox profile) where the plugin is located. (regular firefox does)

I've literally copy-pasted the whole firefox profile to sandboxie's folder, and the main installation folder, and the local settings folder, etc. But it doesnt matter. I've also tried using the "Allow direct access to the entire Firefox Profile" option in sandboxie settings, but that didnt help either. There's no error messages produced by either firefox or sandboxie about it. Just flat out seems like it's ignored.

I hope this makes sense. :( Any possible help would be very much appreciated.

  • Does anyone have any idea's possibly ?? I'm still hoping someone may know what I would do to get that plugin-container.exe to appear in sandboxie. (so that will work for example)

    The name of that plugin that sandboxie is ignoring ever going to, is called "Primetime Content Decryption Module"