Sandboxie isn't working well and doesn't even know it's not the latest version.

Is there a way to uninstall Sandboxie from Windows 10 without going into the registry?  Sandboxie is stopping webpages loading or getting my email.

Also, this is the hardest forum to post on and I had to deactivate a lot of my security to do so.  Can someone fix this?

  • Is there a way to uninstall Sandboxie from Windows 10 without going into the registry?

    run Sandboxie Setup installer and check Uninstall

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    That's the first thing I looked for before posting.

    There is no installer; only run any program sandboxed, run web browser sandboxed, run windows explorer sandboxed, sandboxie control, sandboxie start menu (runs the browser sandboxed).

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    run Sandboxie Installer file > not Sandboxie Control

    If you did not save the installer file used to install Sandboxie.  Download fresh Sandboxie Installer file and save to Desktop.
    Sorry, maybe I'm not understanding you're concern or what you're trying to accomplish?

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    Thank you.  I don't think I saved the installer so when I have the time today I'll get in the admin account and download and uninstall.


    What I was trying to fix was can't access hotmail and a few other sites sandboxed.  I checked multiple times and says my version is up-to-date but when I checked online it wasn't.  So thought if I uninstalled and reinstalled would be OK.  I didn't know it had been sold off and now not sure if it's being kept up-to-date or what is going to happen.  I'm not the most tech savvy person but try to keep things in better shape than average people (even some that know better) and like sandboxie as it and noscripts have stopped the most attacks I've had.

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    I got into my admin account and still have the uninstaller; however, it won't open as it says I have sandboxie installed.

    I tried to open with right clicking open and double clicking it.  So what should I do now?

    Thank you.

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    Sign Out of Windows Standard User account.
    Sign In to Windows Administrator account.
    Restart machine. Not Shut down.
    Sign In Windows Administrator account

    Work with program installs and uninstalls from your Windows Administrator account.
    Delete Contents of all sandboxes.
    Uninstall Sandboxie from Settings > Apps or Control Panel > Programs
    Restart machine.  Not Shut down.
    Download (correct for your bitness) and install fresh copy of Sandboxie 5.33.1.
    Restart machine. Not Shut down.
    Setup new default sandbox and test Hotmail.

    Are you running Sandboxie 5.33.1, now?

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    Are you talking about program uninstall from control panel?

    No, my sandboxie continues to say it's up-to-date; however, it's only 5.30 (64-bit)

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    Please download fresh Sandboxie Installer 5.33.1.

    Either over-install 5.33.1 and test.


    Manually uninstall 5.30 and install 5.33.1.... as you would any program....from Windows Administrator account.

    Yes, if Control Panel > Programs is familiar to you.

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    Thank you --


    I've got it updated.  I hope it fixes the problems.  I have things set up in general account so will check hotmail when I go back to the general account.