How to disable Admin permission pop up for specific sandboxie?

I have a program always run in a sanboxie. 

When I run it , sandboxie will pop up for Admin permission (I am not sure sandboxie asking or that program, but the icon is sandboxie)

The program works fine without Admin right, So I want to disable the Pop up for that specific sandboxie.

I found an option in Setting > Restrictions > Drop Rights > Drop rights from Admin....(Currently unchecked)

I am not understanding the explanation for the option, is enable it will disable Admin permission pop up??

  • The appearing of the UserAccountControl (UAC), which asks for admin rights, is triggered from your program, not from Sandboxie. When you use the DropRights option in the Sandboxie settings, you will have lesser rights than before, so i assume the UAC is asking again for admin rights - see Sandboxie help:

    There is a possibility to start your program without the UAC appearing, so the program starts without admin rights and have lesser rights - it will be executed with normal user rights. This is explained very well here:

    Following the instructions on this website, and modifying it to work with Sandboxie, i created an example batchfile "Invoke.bat" on my desktop, which have the following code. It invokes the regedit.exe (normally always with UAC appearing) under the control of Sandboxie, and no UAC is appearing + only started with user rights:

    set ApplicationPath="C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:DefaultBox "C:\windows\regedit.exe"
    cmd /min /C "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start "" %ApplicationPath%"

    You only have to modify the first line, so that the right part of it points to your program instead of the regedit.exe

  • In reply to Ralph W:

    Thank you Ralph W

    Thank you for the example and explanation, I made my program without annoy pop up now :D