CHIP-Installer doesn't run in Sandboxie.


Due to issues to boot from an old outdated Windows XP, where maybe some of my older photo album books resides, and the very restricted recovery console under XP x64, I was curious on other options to boot into that computer to recover the system from the BSOD eventually. Therefore I stumbled besides linux and bartPE alternative options to Windows RE on MDOP, DaRT, ERD and a MDRT from Microsoft. I saw a Trial Download on a german computer magazine, called CHIP. They offering the MDRT ISO on therir web portal as a download. They decided to put every download into a kind of drive-by-adware installer, that offers a installation of kaspersky antivirus and an Icon, maybe a desktop link to a web portal. Here is the Link:

The CHIP-Installer was blocked by Cisco Immunet 7, cloud based on access AntiVirus software with integrated ClamAV open--source scanner. ClamAV detected it as "Clam.Win.Dropper.Miner-7086571-0". So I uploaded it to Virus-Total, and it was detected by 32 out of 69 antivirus software.

I then tried for the first time sandboxie, but it doesn't starts the CHIP-Installer at all. A flashing Splash came up, and it wasn't easy at all to capture it by a screenshot. It was an information about UAC. Then every process in that sandbox was killed.

Is there a way to screen recording the session, or keep informational Splash screen as long on screen as one need to read them? Also can one configure sandboxie to run that CHIP-Installer?

TIA Iarsin