Firefox 70.0.1 very, very, slow to load

I have tried using a new, empty, profile ie no extensions, but Firefox remains incredibly slow to load. Conversely, Edge Chromium loads almost instantly and with its extensions, but I want to continue using Firefox. 

I tried searching on this site as I can recall others having the problem with no joy, and of course the old site with its wealth of user experience remains unavailable. Help, suggestions, to resolve would be gratefully received.

  • Problem seems to be down to AVG, although having said that Firefox still loads much slower when sandboxed  than when not.

  • In reply to henry g:

    It's a tiny bit slower on my AMD A10-6800K PC (With 8GB RAM and no SSD) but on my other I7-6700K PC (with 16GB ram and SSD) the speed is the same.