trying to run excel (Office 2016) this because need to buy license?

happy to pay for licence so I can gt this working i.e. Open office applications sandboxed but I cannot find anywhere to buy it..just says it is free to use but page does not seem to have anywhere to pay 


from FAQ 

Office Suites (Libre Office, OpenOffice) (Support for MS Office 2016/Office365 is offered for the paid version)

  • Look, I actually need a suggestion on what should I do next if the problem was not solved, even attempt to troubleshoot Microsoft Office, not appropriately solve MS Excel connecting error. 

    An error occurred while trying to open MS Excel .xls file. Any thoughts?

  • In reply to Peter Jame:

    I have never had any problems running Office 2016 or 2019 or 365 in the Sandbox

    What does your event log tell you if anything.

    Clear you events logs and then run the program and look to see if you are getting errors

    Have you also in created you Migration cache size

    Just some thoughts

    Bill e. Barrett