new steam

Hello, i play war planet online and i usually open my account with sandboxie but steam has changed its look and its présentation and when i use war planet in the sandbox the presentation now remains black impossible to have the images . Someone has the solution to this problem , i'm french and  in France . Thanks

  • I assume, that you installed Steam outside of Sandboxie and only start it with Sandbox:

    Probably you should try to delete the sandbox and start Steam again with the now empty sandbox, because there could be files within the sandbox from old version of Steam, which can't be used correctly anymore with the new version of steam and resulting in wrong screen presentation. You also could try to create a new sandbox with default settings, and then start Steam with this new created sandbox. This also will ensure, that no older files from sandbox are used, so only the new steam files can be used.

  • In reply to Ralph W:

    I am having an identical problem as are many other people in the game i play (Naval Action). As Herve says, this almost certainly relates to the new steam ui.

    I have tried opening a new sandbox, with default settings. I have even uninstalled and re-installed sandboxie all to no avail.

    I have spoken to another player who reported that he created multiple new sandbox, and it eventually worked, but I have not been so lucky.

    The only effective resolution that has been found in my community so far is to revert back to the old steam ui which is less than ideal. This is a major problem for you I think. Alternative software is already being suggested on our forum and we are a tiny game. A resolution is needed asap please or sandboxie is unusable for me.