COM Error Codes

Sandboxie - 64 bit Windows 10/1903 

I get a succession of COM error codes. Not knowing what to do about any of them, I simply hit the CLOSE and carry on.

Ignoring them makes no difference whatsoever to my browsing.

My PC is clean, all updated and in perfect order - what is the use of an error showing if ignoring it makes no difference ?

  • I NEVER used to get COM errors when Tzuk was in the driving seat with my old Windows XP set.

    Since I moved to Windows 10, Tzuk departed and Sandboxie became a poor Cinderella, I am bombarded with them.

    Sometimes several on one error panel. I just get rid of them, what else can I do, it does not appear to affect

    my browsing. Nothing fails.

    Slow death ?