Sandboxie 5.31.6 available for download

Hi all,

We have published Sandboxie 5.31.6. Please download from

The main fixes are around supporting Windows 10 19H2.

We did are some fixes for the Windows 10 20H1 build. Please don't expect that Sandboxie will continue to work with that version as there are likely to be kernel changes that require a new version before 20H1 is fully released.



  • Sandboxie 5.31.6 powerful application isolation/virtualization software that lets you run programs within a small partition of your hard disk, so that no data can escape this fraction of your hard drive to do damage to the rest of your operating system.

    The installation process is straightforward, and no additional software or toolbars are installed. At the end of the installation, you'll be asked to add or remove programs that can become more compatible with Sandboxie through custom configuration settings that will be adjusted automatically.

    The Sandboxie user interface is surprisingly simple, as the full functionality of the software is expounded upon within the Windows interface.

    I was eagerly waiting for this to launch and it is here!

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