Sandboxie # Indicator Now Showing In Chrome Titlebar

hello. i am relatively new to using windows 10, and i also am new to using sandboxie along with it, though i have used sandboxie, in the past, with my old, windows xpsp3 computer.


the "problem" is that the "sandboxie # indicator" is not showing in my chrome browser's titlebar.


(maybe that is because the chrome browser has no titlebar?)


so, that is the "problem" that i am reporting.


i CAN see that "chrome" IS running in the sandbox. i am just not seeing the "sandboxie # indicator" in chrome's titlebar.


i tried switching the setting for "don't show sandboxie indicator in titlebar", in case maybe it was set backwards, but that didn't make a difference.


i am running:

windows 10-1903 with the latest updates (i haven't experienced any problems with the windows-updates)

sandboxie 5.31.4 (latest released version)

chrome browser, latest version

"windows defender" is running in the background


i actually just did a clean install of windows 10-1903, today. my computer is pretty stripped.


the main reason i am using sandboxie, now, is to try to block some processes, like "mshta.exe" and "powershell", for example, from running, because those processes are used, sometimes, by malware, for installing themselves, but maybe it will help me in other ways, as well.


(i loved using sandboxie, in the past, but that was with windows xpsp3, when everything was simple)