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Every day I log into the Sandboxie Forum to see if anything is being done to get ready for Windows 10 1909 and every day I see nothing.
This is really disheartening
I really want to use bad language to voice my opinion but I'm not, I noticed that some threads have almost 39,000 views doesn't this say anything
When Windows 1909 force installs itself I guess it goodbye Sandboxie and hello to all my clients that realize that it doesn't work.

Why did I buy a lifetime license
I really, really, really dislike SOPHOS

Bill e. Barrett

PS. I will never recommend SOPHOS products to my clients

  • First of all, excuse my poor english. I totally agree with you. I bought a lifetime license a couple of years ago to support the development of Sandboxie but with each W10 new version the program worked worse. It's funny to see Sandboxie working better on Windows 7 or Windows XP than Windows 10. I just delayed the W10 big update one year to keep using Sandboxie, after that period, bye bye Sandboxie.

    Now they offered the program for free, and they said they gonna release the source code. Let's be honest here: nobody from the community (wildcard word to avoid responsibilities) is going to waste their time on the big task to learn how Sandboxie and Windows works just for fun. If the source code had been sold to another company, maybe there was hope, but the truth is nobody is interested on Sandboxie, just a few freaks users like us. This program had/have a lot of potential, but nobody knows it. Sandboxie is totally dead, just face it, and start to think of other alternatives.