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Sophos Central Firewall Manager maintenance scheduled for April 2nd, starting at 3:30am EDT. More info available here.

Voice your concern for this great product post this on Facebook and email it to your Sandboxie user

SOPHOS purchase the right to sandboxie a while back and said they would support it but they really want to kill it.
They said that it will become open source and the mean they don’t want to continue develop it,
Will customer support still be available?
(This short for we're out of here)
As part of our transition to a free and potentially open source product, Sandboxie support will become community based. The community will include developers directly involved with Sandboxie.
It seems that SOPHOS has decided to abandon SANDBOXIE so that it will die away.
As the new updated for Windows 10 happen Sandboxie is failing, and SOPHOS who now owns Sandboxie is not responding to request to fix it.
IF you are a Sandboxie user you need to start complaining
You need to go to the support page and lodge a complaint or you will lose some of the best security programs ever.
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Microsoft has announced that it has a Sandbox program but it is very difficult to setup and run.