Anyone seeing occasional OLE init / hook failed errors from sandboxie?

In Windows 8 x64 using sb 5.31.4 and the latest chrome occasionally I see this error:

SBIE2303 Could not hook CoGetObject (33, 1655)
SBIE2303 Could not hook RegisterDragDrop (33, 1655)
SBIE2318 DLL initialization failed for 'ole32.dll'

I don't know what it means. Everything appears to work normal. If I should report somewhere else please tell me where.

  • Yep, same issue in my Chrome.

    I don't see the option to start a new thread asking a question or reporting an issue here.

    But at least i saw the option to respond here.

    (I've been enjoying Sandboxie for 15 years with a lifelong licence. Tzuk even send me some emails in the beginning to help me before I began to post on the original forum.)

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    been having same group of 3 errors for a long time now, have been waiting for a fix. 


    i dont know what this error actually affects for me.


    but we have 2 laptops, both windows 10, but only 1 gets this message when use chrome.  i dont think ive seen it on the asus scar, only the gigabit p57.   both use windows defender not 3rd party.  latest sandboxie and chrome and windows updates on both.   the one it appears on, person uses facebook, but i dont on the other, so maybe some thing encountered online when using browser causes difference?


    hope it finally gets fixed. 

  • In reply to a f1:

    I've noticed that for example I go to YouTube, the issue doesn't happen. But as soon as I click on a video and it begins to play the Sandboxie panel with those messages appears. I always just click it away. And I have no idea if Sandboxie still gives me the same protection as before.

    As announced, volunteers will be given the care of Sandboxie as it becomes open source. Let's see what happens...

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    I just remembered about removing the plugins from my Chrome, but realize I only have two: Emsisoft Browser Security, and Ghostery, the latter doing an excellent job of removing adds and trackers. I want to keep those two plugins.

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    I just installed the Brave browser, and have it automatically open in Sandboxie by adding brave.exe to Forced Programs under Program Start. Now with Brave when I start for example running a YouTube video, no SBIE2303 warning panel appears. But I am writing this in Chrome, because in Brave the top "Reply" button in this thread is not active. (Nor any of the lower ones.)

    Maybe I will bring that up in the Brave forum which I saw they have.

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    Fixed, but they're using a tracker, which is why it broke. Maybe should mix reply buttons with trackers.



  • In reply to Ryan Brown2:

    Thank you much.

    I just noticed on the Brave icon at the end of the Brave search bar a dark gray round spot with "22" in it, and tapping on that (on my laptop trackpad) the option to allow those blocked items appeared. So allowing them I can now post here. So that is solved.

    I know how to allow the browsers appearing in the list of Sandboxie for giving direct access to certain things, like direct access to passwords, so one does not have to type those data in every time when logging on. But I don't know how to do that with in this case Brave for example, because it is not in that list. I have it set to automatically open sandboxed, but still have to open it unsandboxed to make username -or email address- and passwords stick after closing the browser.