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Questions about SbieSvc.exe and 'run sandboxed' issue



I've just installed the latest version of SB under my Windows10.

1.I closed SB from the system tray but I noticed that I have 2 SbieSvc process running. Is this usual ? Why not only one process ?

2.When I right-click on a word document to 'run sandboxed'. SB opened Word but not the file. I have to open manually from Word program itself.

PS: My Word version is old, Word2007.


Thanks in advance.


  • I'm still waiting for a reply.

    Please if you know the answer, please let me know.

  • In reply to Floren Alma:

    I tested it under my Windows 7 (64 Bit): In the taskmanager there are also 2 processes of "SbieSvc.exe" visible, when i choose to see the processes of all users. This seems to be normal.

    Also the word document does not open, when i right-click on a word document with "Run Sandboxed"-Menu. Here only Word opens without the document. The same  with an Excel sheet. My Office version also is very old (Office 2003).

    When i right-click on a text file and choose Run Sandboxed, the text file is opened in Notepad. So i think it has something to do with the behavior, how Office-documents are opened.

  • Word doc open perfctley normally via right-click in (drop-rights) sandbox for me; I use Office 365. Is the Office Click to Run software compatibility box is checked if you are using 365?

  • In reply to henry g:

    I changed the compatibility but I still have the same issue.

    From my User Account, running Sandboxed with Admin rights, I got an error. The same running with Admin Rights but not Sandboxed.

    With my User Account, Word only works without Admin Rights and not sandboxed