Thank You For Deciding To Go Open Source

Long time user (unlimited lifetime license, I think I paid ~$25). I've been using Sandboxie for close to a decade, and haven't had a single virus since I started, thank you.

Tsuk said he put the program in the right hands, and it looks like he was right.


If the loyal community could ask one last favor of you guys, I'm sure we'd all agree it would be this:

When you give us the source, give us the old forums back too. Let us archive it, there was a lot of useful information on there.


Again, thanks for taking over and doing gods work for half a decade. The timing of the acquisition sucked (windows 10 was right around the corner), and that's a shame, because over the past year or two, sandboxie has been the most stable and reliable I've seen it since Tsuk had it.

You should all be very proud.