Game Is Not Working Sandboxed

When I try to run a game Sandboxed and I type the account and login, the game closes suddenly.

Here are the report steps:

1.I'm using Sandboxie v5.30 on windows 7 64bit.

2.Trying to launch a game called S4 Remnants.

3.No any antivirus installed on the pc.

4.I right click on the game launch file "S4LRemnants.exe" and click "Run Sandboxed" then press "OK" the game login form opens and after I type the account and press login, the game closes.

5.Yes, it occurs in a new Sandbox with default settings.

6.Since there is no certain error, I recorded this video:


I run the game as an administrator.

I tried to run it sandboxed as UAC administrator but I got the same problem.

  • Hi Muhammad,

    I did not watch the video as S4LRemnants is not a supported application . Having said that, most likely, the game contains an anti-cheat software that is keeping it from running inside Sandboxie. 

    You may want to contact their tech support to find out if they allow running the game in the Sandbox, and which files are involved, to see if you can give them access in the Sandbox. 
    But that's as far as we can go with this, and I am not sure any anti cheat will work inside Sandboxie, regardless. 

    I am leaving the thread open in case other users have additional suggestions for you!


  • I've always had better luck installing games directly in the sandbox.


    A quick google search tells me the game has a launcher (which might be the cause of your issue) and that this thread might help

  • Ok, understand this: Sandboxie makes DLL INJECTION in all executables inside, preventing more dll injections too.

    When the game has any anti cheat modules, or if they need to install services or deal with things like drives, for example, they wont work.

    When we talk about gaming, it is probably the anti cheat.

    If you want extra advice, do not forget to install games in a different partition than the system, if this is a small or ssd one, or even if you have just one disk, make a new partition to avoid system fragmentation files.

    Put DIRECT ACESS TO DISK to the game sandbox, if you download from internet, etc, and if it is BIG, and put it in a separated partition. Like E: for example.

    This way you have your sandbox still on drive C, but you can install things in other disk being protected of malware on its execution.