Windows installer service

I tried to install a program in a sandbox, but I get a message that the Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed and the installation fails. Is there a way to go around this?

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    I've run Sandoxie for 11 years while I've followed users concerns regarding their favored that did not run sandboxed.

    Some concerns were sorted.  Some concerns were not sorted. 
    Fact is, over years...the number of officially supported - compatible programs was reduced. 
    The cycles Invincea was willing to invest in sorting users favored concerns had reduced...even before Sophos.

    By my read and hope.  Sophos focus is support for 1909. 

    At this time...1909 support is a hoped for gift from Sophos.

    We're all wanting that "open source" brings great interest regarding Sandboxie future and great interest regarding users concerns.

    Sandboxie may not satisfy all users, all the time.


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    So, what is its usage ?

    Please review Episode #172 | 27 Nov 2008 | Gibson Research Corporation

    Steve: But I wanted to get a sense, for example, like what Ronen's original motivation was behind Sandboxie because this is, as I mentioned, four years in the making at this point. [...]

    RONEN: Yeah. But Sandboxie, on the other hand, has been designed from the ground down - from the ground up. That's always been the core idea, to let you be safe on the Internet so that you can use your web-facing or Internet-facing programs in a secure way, where they are isolated from your system, and they can only do as much as you let them, and never more than that. 
    RONEN: That's right. Most of what I had to do with Sandboxie, most of the challenges I had to address for Internet applications - for Internet Explorer, for Firefox, for Thunderbird, all kinds of Internet applications - because at the end of the day these are programs that are running on the operating system. So the bulk of the work that I had to do anyway to get just these programs to run. And I did some additional work to make Sandboxie in a sense generic. So the extra work that other programs may require, I also addressed that because I thought, why not, it's just the little extra mile, the one extra mile to go so Sandboxie can have much more applications than just using it for Internet security.

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    and I remember perfectly the diagram explaining how the sandbox can protect the PC from damage caused by malicious programs.  It has been made ONLY for that.  It's a fact.  If you use it for something else, I am curious to know what !

    For me: I've run Sandboxie based on the core idea to be safe on the Internet.  To be safe using web-facing programs.  Granted, Ronen did some additional work to make Sandboxie in a sense generic.

    Sandboxie was initially released in 2004 as a tool for sandboxing Internet Explorer.  Over time, the program was expanded to support other browsers and arbitrary applications. 

    I've run Sandboxie primarily based on the core idea.  Isolating web-facing programs in restrictive sandbox isolated from my real system. 

    Admitting, I've run installers sandboxed ... just to briefly see whats what. 
    I've not sandboxed installers to observe malware. 

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     Sandboxie was not designed to be used as an analyzer of behavior. Since Sandboxie is an application sandbox (and Not an analyzer), the behavior we see in programs when they run in the sandbox should not be used as a guide for telling whether programs are good or bad/malicious. We should not install programs outside the sandbox based on their behavior in the sandbox. Doing so is wrong and can hurt you when a malicious program fools you into thinking that it is clean and you install it outside the sandbox and become infected.