Cant log in to Outlook email Sandboxed Firefox.

I cant log in to Outlook email using Sandboxed Firefox.Nothing happens Sandboxed and Firefox locks up so i have to restart Firefox.

When i run Firefox unsandboxed it works.


Windows 1903 10 Pro 64Bit.

Firefox 67.0 64Bit.

Sandboxie Beta 5.31




  • Hi Cornelius,

    Can you please provide the rest of the info (including repro steps and the link youa re using to get to OWA?) so that I can test this? :
    How to report problems with Sandboxie

    Adding to the above, does it work if you use a diff browser Sandboxed? 
    And, are there any extensions on the browser?


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Outlook works with Chrome and Internet Explorer Sandboxed but not Firefox.


    This is the link i use to log in to Outlook>


    I have a lot of extensions  installed they are:


    ConTextSearch Web-ext

    Cookie Autodelete

    Easy Youtube Download Express

    Enhancer For Youtube

    Https Everywhere


    Open With

    PDF Mage

    Privacy Badger

    Send To Media player Classic



    Strict Pop-Up Blocker





  • In reply to Corneluis Cletus:

    Hi Cornelius,

    I was able to repro the issue. I've made the devs aware.

    We'll update this thread when new information becomes available. 

    Thank you. 

  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:


    I have just installed Windows 10 Pro (downloaded image file in July 2019) and installed FireFox version 68 in July 2019.  I am not running any plug-ins or addons with FireFox.


    I have same issue with FireFox running inside Sandboxie. I cannot log into Outlook or when I am running FireFox inside the Sandboxie. 

    I can Log into without issues with Edge Browser or chrome running inside Sandboxie. I can also log in to Outlook with FireFox running outside the sandbox. 


    I have no such issue running Sandboxie and Firefox together in Windows 7. 


  • In reply to Rhoniel Safron:


    We know you are aware of some of these issue, but still no fix

    1.- Sandboxie Beta 5.31.2 , Windows 10 x64 bit 1809 
    2 - Firefox 68.0, uBlock Origin 1.20.0, Outlook email

    Firefox weird white line on top

    MD5 Checksum Tool v4.3
    WinSCP 5.15.2 (9590) & others
    3 - ESET Internet Security, MALWAREBYTES 3.8.3
    4 - Just Click on any link of the programs above msg box SBIE2224 Sandboxed program has crashed: firefox.exe {DefaultBox}
    5 - Yes


    6 - 

  • In reply to Came:

    Hi Camelia,

    This thread is for OWA. 

    Regarding FF theme, see:

    Regarding your other issue, to report a new problem, please create a separate thread and follow these guidelines so that we can assist you:
    How to report problems with Sandboxie


  • I have the same problem.  After the installation of the latest Window Version 10, I can not log onto, it justs locks up. Outside of Sandboxie, it works fine.I am using Firefox version 68.0.1

    I had an issue with downloading files but this has been resolved by installing Sandboxie version 5.31.2.

  • In reply to Rob McPhee:

    Can anyone check if the following links load in your sandboxed browser?




    I have a feeling it has something to do with logging in. The browser freezes getting info from I also had the same issue when creating the Sophos account to reply in this thread. After creating my account the browser froze when loading (I believe something like)

  • In reply to Hassan 2000:

    Hi Hassan 2000,

    We are aware of the issues accessing Outlook/live login (and some issues related to accessing this site using IE, I will update the devs about FF doing the same for you) with Firefox + win 10 1903
    The only workaround , so far, is to use a different browser. 

    We will update this thread if any new info becomes available. 


  • In reply to Barb@Sophos:

    Hello Barb,


    Any update on this issue?

  • I have just downloaded version 5.33.1and it has solved the problem.