Safeguard enterprise encryption stop renewing license and decrypt my drive from server 2012r2 and windows clients and uninstall.


I'd like to know if I don't renew the license for safeguard enterprise encryption in my environment, what will happen after due date of license.

How to proceed Decryption my drives and uninstall the safeguard software from my server 2012r2 and windows client laptops.

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  • Hi  

    Once the License lapses, the policies can't be pushed. Please find the two different (to do) scenarios below:

    Scenario 1: License has expired already

    If the License has expired already, you will not be able to push policies anymore hence, you will have to create a new standalone package with "allow decrypt" policy and can decrypt the files in the machine.

    Scenario 2: License is still active  

    If the License is still active, push a policy with "allow decrypt", so that you can decrypt the files on the machine even when the license has expired.

    To enable "Allow Decrypt" in policy

    1. Login to the Safeguard Management Console > Full disk Encryption >

    a. If it is Volume-based encryption: under Volume based settings >  user may decrypt volume should be Yes

    b. If it is File based Encryption: under File based settings > User may decrypt files should be Yes

    Let me know if this helps resolve your query.