Files Copied Over Network - Trouble with Automatic Encryption



Safeguard LAN Crypt novice taking over support for my company. I have a scenario here I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on.


-Files come in to an FTP server. An AD service account copies these files to another server where LAN Crypt is setup to encrypt files.

-The file is copied to a folder with an encryption policy. It does not encrypt but that's fine, the AD service account isn't setup in LAN Crypt

-A user that is setup in LAN Crypt copies the file to another folder under the same policy but it doesn't automatically encrypt. They can manually encrypt them. They can read files normally and can create/move other files in from other locations and they encrypt automatically.

  • Hello Dave,


    we have seen a similar issue in our environment. It happens to us when folders are moved within the same network share / disk. The encryption works if single files are being transferred, however once a folder is moved it seems like the encryption software does not recognize a change for the files and does not touch them.


    It always works for us if the files / folders are copied, since this creates new files.

    It also works if the files / folders originate somewhere else e.g. the local disk space -> network share or vice versa


    Let me know if you find a better solution, would be interesting for us as well.