Safenet Authentication Client 10.4 & SafeGuard

Hi everybody,

I'm current using Safenet Authentication Client 10.4 (installed in the server with SG) with the last version of Safeguard. I'm trying to login in Windows and POA with a USB Safenet token 5110 (which is a token supported as you can see from that list To work with the tokens I've created those two policies:

I've saved the policies and reboot the PC (both client and server). The problem is that if I insert a new token, inside the Token slots of Safeguard management, it seems like no token is showed. Am i missing something?


Best regards,

Luca De Fassi

  • Hi Luca,

    To make sure that the token authentication is working, please ensure the following are true in your environment:

    1. You need to have a valid SGN license that includes support token.

    2. There must be a client config (managed) installed at the SafeGuard Enterprise Management machine too.

    And the used SafeNet middleware version 10.4 is not supported, the latest known working version was 10.3. Let me know if this helps resolve your query.


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    Hi Haridoss,

    thank you for your help. The only problem was the supported version of the middleware, as I've installed 10.4! With 10.3 everything is working fine.

    Best regards,

    Luca De Fassi

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    Hi Guys,


    Any plan for SAC 10.4 support?