Failed login Attempts pop-up at Windows Logon

Hello all,

I keep getting the below pop-up Window after successful POA login, it appears at the Windows logon prompt screen.
Upon pressing "OK" the prompt disappears and I can login etc, but wanted to know where this comes from? Is there a way to stop it from appearing? A setting perhaps?

And also, why does this appear?


Thanks in advance :)

  • Hi - Have you allowed the Sophos client to resync with the server once you've successfully logged in?

  • Hi  

    The reason you see this pop is for a security purpose. However, you can disable this notification if you do not want to see this anymore. Please follow the instruction below:

    1. Login to Safeguard Management Console, and click on Policies. 

    2. And select Authentication (policy assigned to the clients) click on Display unsuccessful logons from the right hand side.

    3. Change the settings to "No".

    Let me know if this helps resolve your query.