POA Not Active on a Computer

Hi all,

I have an issue I hope I can get some assistance with. We are using SafeGuard 8.0. I have one PC that has SafeGuard installed and only has one user, but this PC has something weird going on. The PC always auto logs on SafeGuard. The user is listed as the owner in the Management Center. Where it gets weird is this. The encryption type is listed as SGN, just like all but a select few PCs in our organization, but the POA selection is unchecked. I know this is why SafeGuard auto logs on. Also, even though the only user is the owner, her account is also checked as an SGN Windows user. The only other place we have that is on shared PCs, but it's never the owner that has that checked. Also, this PC is in the same OU as every other PC, so I don't believe it's a policy issue, since this is the only one that is effected. Does anyone know how I can get POA activated on this PC? Thanks!