SafeGuard 8.0 does not install in Win10 Fall Creator Update builds


More of an FYI, but I noticed in my Win10 testing, SafeGuard 8.0 client doesn't install on current Insider builds.  The preinstall works, but when installing the Client, it rolls back, says there's an error, and exits.  

  • This is bad news - thanks for this!


    Oddly the installer does exactly the same in High Sierra Beta too. It won't uninstall/rollback cleanly either! Sophos are working on 8.1 for High Sierra, I would hope that 8.1 would also bring compatibility with 1710 Fall?



  • Yes, that’s right Safeguard works will all builds of Win10 except preview insider builds. Also note, RS3 will not be supported by SafeGuard 8.0, you will have to wait until release of SafeGuard 8.1. Thanks. ^kc

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    Thanks for the info.


    To follow up, the "presumed RTM" was announced yesterday (16299.15) and was pushed out to the Fast Ring.  I noticed that SafeGuard 8.0 installs now, and it phones home, with the Bitlocker Recovery Key in the Recovery Wizard.  If there's something requiring a software update, it's not making itself known at the moment.