Safeguard Enterprise won't allow logging in safe mode


I am facing a problem with Safeguard Ebterprise Encryption software. The software is not allowing logging into the local machine in safe mode. Once I authenticate on POA screen, on the windows log in screen, I can log in my company's domain with the credentials. But if during the boot, I select to start in safe mode and using the local administrator user account to log in local computer instead of domain, it gives me an error stating - "the current safeguard enterprise policy does not allow logging in this account".

Can someone suggest me on how to log on the safe mode with encryption on or temporarily disabling it, so I can log in safe mode?

Please help!!!


  • Hi Inquisitor.

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    With regards to your description I can tell you that we did not have such a report so far. However I would suggest that you try to start safemode w/o network and then to logon. Besides this it would be good to know if we are talking about an Standalone of Managed Client.

    Is it possible that you have configured the policy to "only allowed users may logon?"

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  • I had the question too, the Safeguard Ebterprise Encryption did not allow me to get into safe mode in my Windows 7, at first I though there was something wrong with my Internet like the case of windows explorer has stopped working. Later I realized it but I have to repair a program with safe mode, in this situation I wonder how to enter safe mode windows 7 if Safeguard Ebterprise Encryption did allow. I had to uninstall to repair my Windows 7 program and reinstall  Safeguard Ebterprise Encryption again. Whatever it was a kind of trouble...