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Safeguard Fingerprint logon - Lenovo laptop(s)

I am having a real time attempting to get the fingerprint logon solution to work.  I'm attempting to utilize this with Lenovo laptops.

The first question I've got is - is it possible to not have Fingerprint software installed on the system, install Safeguard, and then later install Fingerprint software (the proper version of course)?  Will Safeguard pick it up and use it then?

Secondly, is it possible to have multiple users on the same laptop log into POA using Fingerprint?

Third, does Safeguard recognize multiple Fingerprints on the same fingerprint profile?

  • Thanks John,

    One thing I haven't managed to obtain from Sophos support yet is the actual definitive answer as to exactly what the Alternate switch means. Is it Alternate=0 to 'Enable' usb (therefore =1 = disable) OR, is it a toggle from what the install reads as the way to install so on some machines, alternate=0 will enabled usb whereas alternate=1 will enable on a different model i.e. toggle auto-detection during install. Also, whycall the switch alternate? Why not call it 'LegacyUSB' or something sensible?


  • Hi Matt,

    I've tried to find that answer from Sophos support, but I've given up on that one to be honest.

    Agreed. Naming the switch in the MSI to match that of the hotkey in POA would be sensible, and its exactly what I said to Sophos support when I was looking into it.

    Chasing ones tail. Flogging a dead horse, etc, all come to mind! ;)

  • We were never able to get the POACFG stuff to work. We basically chased our tail for more then a week trying to figure it out.  I am sorry I do not know why they call the switch ALTERNATE but at least it works consistantly. Another thing that we have found is that with the Lenovo's you have clear the older fingerprint data that is stored in the BIOS or when you re-ghost a machine you end up with a lot of werid things happening. Of course we have asked this to Sophos support and have not heard any sort of answer, but heck what is another week delay we my company has already delayed rolling out our laptops by more then a month because of encryption, we were suposed to be done with our roll out this week and we have not even started yet.

    Hopefully with the forums and us working together we can work out more of the issues that Sophos "support" seems unwilling to deal with.

  • Yeah. I've got the clear fingerprint data from BIOS in my docs. I just need to remove any sensitive data and then we'll work out a way of posting them.

    I did ask Sophos to check my fingerprint docs and SGN install procedure as I wanted to ensure everything was done in an optimal fashion, but they just replied with a link to installing Fingerprint readers with SGN 5.35! LOL

    My SGN rollout has been delayed by over 3 months now due to a bug we're experiencing in 5.50 and 5.50.1 DX. As a workaround I'm having to fast track a Windows 7 rollout, as the bug hasn't been experienced on that platform. Yet! ;) Try explaining that to the CEO! Slightly damaging to the Sophos brand I would say! Not forgetting to mention that I've been getting MY butt kicked for it.

    Oh well. Things travel down the pipe!

  • Confirmed. – ALTERNATE=0 worked on our Lenovo T510, whereas ALTERNATE=1 didn’’’’t work.

    When I get a spare moment I’’’’ll try on our other machines; W510 etc, and post my findings.

    Thanks for sharing the info. - It's saved us another headache!

  • In reply to jacobe more:

    jacobe more

    You are facing plenty of issues at the same time. 

    Yes you can do that first install safegaurd and then start using fingerprint software. 

    Yes, it is possible to have multiple users on the same laptop but it is depend on which laptop you are using and if possible try to use latest version.

    If you have option of adding multiple fingerprint then you can use it.

    I hope this is useful to otherwise contact to xxxxxxxx



    This last post is pointless SPAM - I have reported it and hopefully it'll be deleted. This IS NOT a genuine Lenovo number, company or post!