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I'm trying to figure out why safeguard client cannot install on windows server os? Then how can servers be encrypted, both disk encryption and file/folder encryption?

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    You cannot install Sophos Enterprise client on the server as it is not supported. Please check this article which lists out the system requirements for Safeguard Encryption. 

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    Thank you for the reply. Yes I already checked that article. My question is, for file servers, how does Safeguard encrypt the files in the file server? Because from what I have read, we need to use the location-based file encryption where a shared folder will have a security policy where only a user/group can access it. Does Safeguard Server do the file encryption of the file server since there is no safeguard client being installed on the file server.

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    Location-based file encryption is supported for the scenario where the safeguard client present on the user's client operating system will encrypt the file which is present on the mapped drive or folder from the file server on the user windows computer. 

  • Like Shweta pointed out, You can have SGN client present on Client machines with their key ring containing Key K1(which can be a user Key if you are looking to implement access control). The moment user transfers a file to the shared location it will be encrypted by SGN client's File share encryption(as per the Policy you set) using K1 and kept there. 

    Anyone else can certainly access this file(if you don't have folder permissions present) however they are accessing encrypted version of the same unless they have 'K1' in their key ring. 

    You can assign 'K1' to anyone from SGN Management console whom you want to edit/view this encrypted file. Or say you want to recover encrypted files.

    Please keep regular backup of SGN database to facilitate recovery.


    Hope this helps!