Is there a way to find out all of the computer in the domain that have Sophos installed?

Hey all,

I have been tasked with finding out all of the computers on our network that have Sophos installed. We are moving away from Sophos and using the built in Win10 Bitlocker for encryption.

We have done the refreshes from Win7 to Win10 and for these machines, sophos wasnt installed, but before we decided to move away from Sophos, we had used it to encrypt a number of our Win10 machines.

So, I am looking for a script or some way within the Sophos Management Center to find out which machines we still need to remove it from. When I look in the Management Center, it shows all of the machines in our AD domain.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

  • Hi  

    I am not sure if this article will help you with your requirement, kindly refer to the Report 3 section. Let me know if this helps you. 

  • I would have thought just using the inventory function would be enough information for you?


    In console - Select your domain on left (while in Users and Computers). Select this as the root. - Select the Inventory tab and then don't enter any hostname - just click search.


    This should produce this report and you'll see all the hostnames and devices that have the client installed. This can be exported by using Print Preview and then File - Export. You can then select the format (CSV, XLSX, TXT etc...) so you can import that into something else if needed?



  • Hi there,

    run this SQL Query against the SafeGuard database,

     use SafeGuard


     SAFE_GUARD_DIR.SGD_name as 'Machine name',

     IVT_INST_FEATURES.IIF_FEATURE as 'Feature Installed',

     convert (VARCHAR,IVT_INST_FEATURES.IIF_MODIFY_DATE,3) as 'Last modified'



     order by SAFE_GUARD_DIR.SGD_name

    Se here for more queries,

    Note, these queries will not work for standalone devices.