Some Windows 10 64 bit Machines Show Only BitLocker as Opposed to the POA Sign In Screen...Some Are Still Seeing it

This is a head scratcher that Sophos Support has not been able to figure out. 

Apparently, for 64 bit machines, you are NOT supposed to see the Sophos POA screen, rather the standard new bitlocker screen. We are actually getting a mix of both.

Any reason as to why? Primarily new surface tablets are getting bitlocker, while some older 64 bit machines are not.

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    Would it be possible to provide the support case number that you have registered with Support so that I can take a look at it? I will also check this with our team and get back to you. Just to confirm you are seeing this on newly deployed machines only? 

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    Also, please suggest if the Operating system edition on all the Surface tablets are the same or different?

    If it is same, please provide the Operating system edition(Home, Education, etc) on which they are running.

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    Would you please suggest whether the issue has been resolved for you?

    If not, please provide the information, so we can help you to resolve the issue.