Missing services on safeguard server 8.30

Hello, we have recently installed Sophos SafeGuard 8.30 on a windows server 2019, first on a test environment and then on a production server.

Test server is windows 2016 and production server is windows 2019, we noticed that a test client could not synchronize, when checking what services safeguard was running, we noticed that on the 2016 server we had 3 services , Safeguard(R) Log service, Safeguard(R) System event manager and Safeguard(R) Transport service but when looking at the 2019 server only the Safeguard(R) System event manager is running the other 2 services are missing, any ideas on what could have happened, any advice is very much appreciated.

  • Hi Sergio - Are you trying to install the client (for workstations) on the server?

    If so, I'm afraid this isn't supported - Here are the clients (and servers) 8.3 supports




  • Hi  

    Would you please suggest whether you installed Safeguard server on the windows 2019 server or Safeguard client on it?

    Would you please confirm whether you have installed SGN server on the server where you have installed Safeguard management center?

    If yes, please suggest if you received an error while installation of SGN server?

  • In reply to MichaelMcLannahan:

    Hello Michael, we did install the server version and the management center, and everything seemed o.k,, until I installed the client on a users computer.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Hi, Jasmin I managed to solve this issue by reinstalling the Sophos server and doing a repair, rebooted the server and the missing services appeared again, did a test run and everything is normal again.

     thanks' for the help.