SGN 8.2 Device encryption is not workking

Hi Team,

We need urgent support here as  the device encryption policy is not working as excepted.

Please find the attached error and do the needful.

  • No error attached Paresh.

    Don't forget that this is a community forum for help. Most of the members are NOT Sophos staff and just help like me where they can.

    If you have a genuine issue and need urgent support it's best to contact Sophos support by telephone/email/IM and then can help quickly. Posting on here sometimes can take a while to get an answer.


    All the best

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    HI Michael,


    We have already raised the case and also tried to connect with support number but poor response.

    I have attached the snap which indicates Device Encryption-Local Drive Policy, System Sync Snap,Drive encyrpted status.


    Here ,Drive is encrypted but the inside data is not encrypted .


    We have already tested with the win7 system and all data inside drives are encrypted.

    But this issue persists only bitlocker system (Win 8 ,win 10 enterprise).


    Kindly checked the snap and suggest what is the best here.





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    PLease find the attached snap & do the needful.

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    Hi. I think you’re confusing disk encryption with file encryption.

    The Win10 drive IS encrypted.  It’s encrypted with BitLocker. You have then posted a screenshot of the FILE encryption window which shows files are not encrypted. This is correct. Files are NOT encrypted. The drive is.

    If you copied a file from the BitLocker drive onto another computer (via floppy disk, USB, DVD, Network etc....) it would be read on the other device as the file is NOT encrypted, the drive it came from was.

    If you tried to read the drive after you removed it from that original PC you could NOT read any data on it. The WHOLE disk is encrypted.

    Windows 7 cannot be compared directly. It does not (in your configuration) work in the same way. It does not use BitLocker to encrypt the drive but Sophos encryption.

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    Hi Micheal,


    Thanks fir yiur valuable time & quick response.

    Really Appriciated.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    As per your statement,

    FOr Device ENcryption---Set Volume BAsed as Media Encryption states only encrypt the Drive for Win 7,Win 10 system & so on.


    As per the above attahed applieed policy ,it will only cover the target drives only be encrypted like C, D ,drive.

    But if we want to secure the all inside follder & files on all drives then we need to setuo the Media Enryption...>>File Encryption and Device target>>>As>>>>LOcal Drivees with a valid file ,Device &Native encyrption licenses.


    PLease suggest if Im understand here right or wrong as it willl be helpful to enhance my knowledge.

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    HI ,

    I just reciced the test feedback from my collegues as attched below:

    SO here ,it means to protect all drives with inside folder,files we need license with the bwlow settings

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    Could you please DM me the case you have registered with the support so that I can keep an eye. Also for the initial configuration, I would recommend you to contact your account manager.

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    HI Shweta,


    We have already tried multiple times support & today finally the case is resolved .


    Thanks for the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Glad to know that all your issues are resolved, Feel free to reach out to us for any further queries/Concerns.