Unable to open the local self help at user

Hi TEam,


We are unable to acess the local self help from SGN 8.1 Client and getting the below error:


PLease help us to resollve this issue 

  • Hi  

    Could you please ensure that the General settings policy is assigned by clicking the computer in Users and Computers in SafeGuard Manager and then clicking the RSOP tab. Now enter the name of the user affected and click the 'Calculate' button. Make sure that in the list below your General Settings policy is assigned. 

    If the policy is assigned then please double-click the SafeGuard system tray icon on the affected computer to force a sync and then when it's finished successfully syncing please reboot the computer.

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Hi wht is the used of rsop in safeguard.

    Does it show only applied policy to the Endpoint or other

  • In reply to paresh palav:


    Resulting Set of Policies(RSOP) can be used to check which policies are applied to a machine or a user. However, this function in the Safeguard Enterprise Management center cannot be compared to Equivalent Function in Active Directory. The RSOP feature can be used to check which policies are assigned in the Management center and how they will be applied to the machine.