Unable to assign the current user in client

Hi ,

We have built the SGN8.1 and tested the SSL ,its working fine.

Then we have installed the client and policy of local encrpytion to the client.


THe policy i working fine but SGN client not able to assign the current login user owner.

PLease find the attached snap FYR.

  • Can Anyone suggest here  to rewsolve this issue

  • In reply to paresh palav:


    Could you please check under the Sophos Safeguard management center if the logged-in user is assigned to that particular machine? If not, kindly add the same and synchronize the client once. 

    Also, it seems there are issues with this installation. Your user profile doesn't have keys and certificate with it. It seems to be a synchronization issue between client and server. I'd request you to check the communication as well.