SOPHOS SAFEGUARD: jugo de llaves

Saludos, tengo un inconveniente con un usuario de red, en consola se ve asignado, y con certificado, cuando llega e inicia sesión en equipo, este sincroniza, políticas, sincroniza usuario de red que se asigno en la consola de administración, se sincroniza con el servidor, se le carga el certificado, pero no las llaves.


Esto no sucede en otros usuarios solo en usuarios puntuales y ahora me sucede en este caso.

Para mas informacion:

Safeguard Management center version

Clients 8.00


Que puedo hacer para resolverlo

  • Hi SL2lmMAF,

    Can you verify that the user is the owner of the machine from SafeGuard Management Center?  If not try manually adding the user as the owner and perform another sync.

  • In reply to MEric:

    The network user is assigned to the team and is the owner; As I mentioned the certificate, the policies but the keys do not, the latter means that you can not log in at the beginning of the team through the login of SG, the partner has more assigned devices and even a computer was updated to Windows 10 but I see which is the network user itself; Other network users with the exception of the aforementioned can log in and also own and work normally, but this one, I do not know what is different !.

  • In reply to SL2ImMAF:


    Could you please enable the trace logging on the machine which you have an issue by following the below steps and provide the logs to us.


    1. Open the following registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Utimaco\SGMTrace]
    2. Note down the original value of "MinimumTraceLevel" and then set it to 0.
    3. Reboot the computer, recreate the issue and note the exact time it occurs. Changing the MinumumTraceLevel will only take effect after a reboot of the SafeGuard Enterprise client. If using the SafeGuard Enterprise Server, it will be necessary to restart the IIS server.
    4. Return the "MinimumTraceLevel" to its original value
    5. Please view the article linked below and download and run the tool it contains. This tool will gather the trace log generated above, as well as some registry keys and system information (including event logs). Please provide me with the generated archive.
  • In reply to SL2ImMAF:

    Si esto solo le sucede a un usuario, eliminaría su certificado de usuario del servidor y volvería a intentarlo. Sophos volverá a crear otro certificado cuando inicien sesión y esto puede resolver el problema.