Lancrypt use after user migration to another domain

Dear all,

we are currently facing a small challenge during our migration.

Target is to migrate 200 users from domain A to domain B (UPN + Network will change).

As all of those users have lancrypt in place, my question is, if it is possible to copy the certificate to the new network environment to the same user and that the user still have access?


Does someone has expirience with this?


  • Hi  

    Could you please provide information on the type of the certificate e.g. SGLC Self Signed or Microsoft PKI?

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Dear Jasmin,


    we are using self singed certificates.

    We are thinking about, to adjust the GPOs which are pointing to the Certificates and Policies.....




  • In reply to Eike Rohte:


    I have discussed your scenario with our support team and they have suggested that if you'll adjust the GPO in the new domain, your client should be having the certificates and older certificates should not be creating an issue for you. 

    Exactly, what you are thinking of to do. In case, if you find any issue with it, you can refer to this article. It is not a specific migration guide, it's just a configuration guide which can help to troubleshoot any configuration related error. If that also doesn't help you, I'd recommend you to contact our professional services.