Move SG Database and Management Center to new Server


we want to move our SafeGuard Enterprise 8.0 Server to a new machine. On the present machine is the Database and the Management Center

Is there anywhere a whitepaper, the search wasnt very helpful.

We would prefer not to use the old server name, but it would be possible to redirect the DNS-Name to the New one. Would this be enough, or would it cause any trouble?

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  • Hi  

    We have Knowledgebase article to migrate the database from one server to another and what steps need to be followed to complete that migration.

    Unfortunately, that article is not public-facing because those steps need to be followed under the guidance of Sophos Technical Support engineer.

    So, I would request you to open a support case here to get help on the migration of the database.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Hi Jasmin, 

    ok, but some basic information would be fine in public, at least that you should contact the support :-)

    I am already finished with moving to the new server.

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  • In reply to Jens Semmer:


    I am glad that your migration has been completed successfully. In future, if you have any queries regarding the upgrade, migration, you can contact Sophos Support, Community or your partner or reseller to get the advice on what could be the next step of action.