Uninstalling SG 7.x/8.x (Windows) - Suppress reboot?

We need to remove SafeGuard/Windows from some machines remotely.  I have a Powershell script to do it, but after the uninstall, even if I "REBOOT=ReallySuppress" on the msiexec, uninstalling the main app seems to automatically queue up a message from SafeGuard, that the machine needs to reboot and begins to do that.  I am trying to suppress this reboot.  I do *not* need to decrypt the drive (Another app takes over the encryption babysitting before I uninstall SG, so I actually can't decrypt it).  These are mostly SG 8.0/8.1 with possibly some 7.x mixed in.

Anyone run into this and figure out if there's any parameter I can give somewhere to suppress this reboot?  Note: it is *not* the msiexec.exe reboot.  I have that suppressed and I know what happens if it's not. It's not doing that.  It's a specific reboot being triggered by something in SafeGuard when it's removed.