Release Notification – SafeGuard Enterprise 8.10

Hi All,


SafeGuard Enterprise 8.10 has been released today. It is available in the product download section on now.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

SafeGuard Enterprise version

Release information

Most relevant changes and new Features

  • Synchronized Encryption: Encryption rules for synchronized encryption can now make use of all encryption keys available.
  • BitLocker Recovery can be done based on the recovery key ID.
  • HTML5 encryption and the Outlook add-in are available with location-based file encryption.
  • Spotlight search is supported (macOS).
  • Organizational Units (OUs) are now protected against accidental deletion. 
  • Backend stability has been improved.
  • BitLocker Challenge/Response is deprecated. It remains in the software to ensure backward compatibility. We offer limited support only.
  • A modern file filter driver has been implemented. Details about differences are described in SafeGuard Enterprise: Differences between legacy and mini filter driver
  • Client installer: Installation mode Typical only installs a device encryption module (Device Encryption or Native Device Encryption) instead of a device encryption module plus Synchronized Encryption as in version 8.0.
  • The SafeGuard WebHelpDesk is now an optional part of the SafeGuard Server installation package and no longer a separate msi.


SafeGuard Enterprise 8.10: Release Notes

  • Features look great! One thing though -

    Your link  is broken. 403 error.

  • In reply to MichaelOwens:

    Hi Michael, 

    Sorry for the inconvenience, please try the link now.

  • Hello

    I've upgraded from 8 to 8.10 and have noticed a massive hit to performance at the endpoints.

    The performance hit happens when the new client is installed.

    I thought it might be the new mini filter, so I've tried disabling as per this article: but it didn't help.

    I will try reverting a few endpoints back to see if that helps.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Or have any ideas please?


  • In reply to SPerna:

    Hello again

    Just to put some real life timings on this issue. I've timed opening a program with different SGN client states:

    • SGN Client 8.10 - 3.20 minutes to open program.
    • SGN Client 8.10 with mini filter disabled - 14 seconds to open program.
    • No SGN client - 11 seconds to open program.
    • SGN client 8 - 12 seconds to open program.

    So you can see SGN client 8 had little impact compared to no client. But SGN client 8.10 has crippled all applications our network.

    So, it does look to be an issue with the new mini filter.


  • In reply to SimonPerna:

    I've opened case#8300032 with Sophos.

  • In reply to SimonPerna:

    Hi Simon,

    so far I haven´t noticed a performance drop with the new filter, compared to SGN 8.0.

    Are you referring to a specific program? Did you perhaps have an excluded paths set using the IgnorePaths reg keys in 8.0.

    This has changed in 8.1 to a different location and keyname according to:




  • In reply to Funkey:

    Hello F.

    Thanks for your response.

    No, not a specific program as such. Everything appears to be painfully slow, even opening Windows Explorer is very slow.

    We never had a need to use the excluded paths reg mods in the past, and as everything appears to be slow now I can't see that adding them will help.

    I've been in touch with support and have collected logs, so I'll wait for their response.

    Thank you.


  • In reply to SimonPerna:

    Hi Simon,

    My sincere apologies for a delayed response. As I understand, this issue has been registered as a ticket under your name with our Support, This issue is actively investigated with respect to the case created with us by you. Kindly please DM me in case you need any further assistance regarding support on this issue and I will be glad to be of assistance.

    The issue investigation is being held under registered BUG ID: DPSGN-14511.

  • In reply to Nelson Xair Rodríguez Ardila:

    Hi Nelson,

    Thank you for your response. I would like to request you to kindly create a support ticket with us since there is an active investigation going on with this issue under BUG ID: DPSGN-14511. There are several more symptoms involved and hence Support would need to confirm the issue and investigate and come up with a solution/workaround accordingly to fix this.

    Please do let me know in case you need any further help in creating a support case with us on this issue.