SGN 8.0 - Issues after install SGN and reboot laptop: 0xc000000f & 0xc0000098

I've searched around but seems issues only affected on older version of SGN....ours is 8.x


1) Dell Latitude E5270 - 0xc000000f.


Stuck at pre-OS, not sure if disk @ volume is encrypted..


2) Lenovo X240 - 0xc000098


Same as above...stuck at pre-OS, not sure if disk @ volume is encrypted..


Any idea how to move forward on this? Use WinPE and repair MBR ?


Note: Both affected clients use Win 7






  • Hi  

    What is the processor used on this machine? If it is Skylake you will have to use BitLocker for encrypting. also, if you are using Win 7 Pro BitLocker is not included with that version, hence you will have to upgrade to Win 7 Enterprise or Ultimate. You may also upgrade to Win10.

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    Any particular reason why what type of processor matter in this issue?


    Why we need to use Bitlocker if it's Skylake?



    Kindly enlighten me, thanks

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    Running Sophos Full Disk Encryption in SafeGuard Enterprise v6.x, v7.x and v8.x (SGN) on current devices, powered by Intel’s “Skylake” microarchitecture or AMD’s “Carrizo” Architecture leads to significant issues, when such devices are configured to run Windows 7.

    Nearly all these devices will ship with Windows 10 pre-installed and can use SafeGuard Enterprise to manage Microsoft BitLocker without issue. The noted issue occurs only when Sophos customers choose to downgrade these devices to Windows 7, and then encrypt the devices with Sophos’s Full Disk Encryption capability (not BitLocker).

    Please refer to the article SafeGuard Device Encryption: Incompatibilities with hardware based on Intel Skylake / AMD Carrizo - Statement. Let me know if this helps resolve your query.