Safeguard not working with Second Database

So I'm trying to work in multi-tenancy. I'm using 1 SQL instance with multiple databases. The first database works great... The second one always give's me cannot connect to safeguard server error. The FQDN is valid, I can browse to it. I noticed when I browse to it though I get the SQserver\instancec then I get the Database name in the connection string from IIS. Do I have to configure another connection string? I created the second database with the config wizard. When I check my programdata\trans log files it definitely shows the correct FQDN of the server.

I know it's not the VM because I got it working on another with the first database.

I've also tried different machines.

I've also tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling. For my second database I used the machcert from the Sophos Program Files directory, I used the same FQDN/Server name. What am I missing?