Sophos Email (Cloud)

We just started a Reflexion trial and so far liking it.  What I noticed today was there is a Sophos Email (cloud) edition.  I'm not sure when that product was introduced.


I've compared the features and they mostly overlap.  I anticipate Reflexion is a more mature product.


Does anybody have any insight if Reflexion will be migrated to Sophos Email (cloud) down the road?  Has anybody used both services and can provide any insight if Reflexion is the more dependable solution?

  • I would like to know the answer to this also, I haven't been able to find anything.

  • In reply to DavidEllis:

    After trying Reflexion, I felt the product was alright.  It has a good administrative UI and customization.  It's cost effective when we got our quote. The few times I had to call Reflexion support, it left a lasting negative impression.  It seems like they only have a couple people working in the department, so if there's a situation that isn't covered in their documentation, expect it to take a while to get an answer.  A good example of our situation was what the outbound rate limit was at so we could set throttling policies in Exchange.  I got different answers from support.  What I could tell is they are constantly making changes, but not updating documentation.  We gave up on it about 4 months back.  I'd be willing to bet that I could still log in since we never got a follow up from sales :)

    We used to use Trustwave's SEG Cloud product.  Not something I'd personally recommend.  Cost effective, but you pay for what you get.

    After reviewing all the big(ger) dogs on Gartner and going through demos, we settled on Mimecast.  Customization, filtering, and support has been great.  It costs a bit more, but again you pay for what you get.  The coolest benefit you get with Mimecast is their Outlook plugin.  End users absolutely love it since they don't have to log in to any web portal and can immediately see if anything is held by the filter.  Our internal pilot group raved about this feature and about how much it helped take their inbox back, especially from greyware.  URL rewrite and their user awareness initiative is a great tool on educating people to not click everything they see in emails.