Interferences between antivirus systems

Hello ! - I am using Mac with OS 10.9.5 and I have a question: Can there be interferences between antivirus systems ? - I have ClamXav (v2.14/0.99.2 (3295)) and Sophos Anti-Virus (Home Edition v 9.6.1). Sophos has found some malware now and then, while ClamXav never found any and claims that there can be interferences (as they experience e.g. with Avast which routinely removes ClamXAV's virus definitions database !) and that one should have only one Anti-Virus system. - What are the experiences here?

  • Hello Alec Schaerer Schaerer,

    first of all, Reflexion is definitely not the right forum for your question, Sophos Home would be the one.

    there can be interferences
    doubtless, although that [one AV] routinely removes [another's] virus definitions database is the least of the potential problems (depends on how these definitions are stored - but one could exclude the relevant folder). It is possible to have two or more products if only one of them has on-access (real-time) scanning enabled. Otherwise race conditions, deadlocks, or even crashes can occur.


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    Hello Christian

    Thank you for your helpful response. Being a total newbie here I was not able to detect Sophos Home as the appropriate place. I thought Reflexion is where one thinks about general issues.

    For me the question then is: If only one Antivirus system, then which one? For me it is not easy to spot where the definitions are stored.

    Kind regards - Alec

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    Hello Alec,

    Reflexion is a product (it's not the German reflektieren)

    which one?
    what answer do you expect in the Sophos community Smile?
    where the definitions are stored
    seem you want to use more than one AV - why?