Feature Request - Allow and block by IP address

Currently we can allow and block email by a specific address or by a domain. But I have a client who I just migrated over to you guys that previously was able to allow and block by IP address. He had several IPs blocked because they were being used to spoof legitimate domains. Currently he doesn't have a way to protect himself against those. He can hit some of them by using the country filter, but some of the IPs were in the US, so he can't hit all of them.

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    Specifically we need this ability to be able to allow emails from Knowbe4 to us and our clients. They are simulating phishing to test and train users. We have them turn off the return path headers as each user had learned to just look for "knowbe4" in the control panel. Not it shows the spoofed domain, but the emails often get filtered. There are two or three IPs we could whitelist and solve all of this, but it is not an option.

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  • Hey everyone,

    I work in KnowBe4 support and our Reflexion customers have had some success whitelisting our IP Addresses per this method:

    1. Login to Reflexion and navigate to Customers>[customer name]>Enterprise>IP Filtering

    2. Click Add Filter and add the IP and a description note

    3. Repeat for each entry.

    4. Once complete click "Save Settings"

    If you have any questions implementing this method, feel free to reach out to our Support Team and we'll be happy to assist.

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    Wow, thanks Chris.  The wording on that configuration item isn't very intuitive, so I'm sure I just looked over it.  Furthermore, it doesn't seem that Reflexion support knows about this either.