PureMessage Exchange DAG - double quarantine spam digest?



we're using PMEX on a DAG environment. We have two server with PMEX installed in a clusted composite. 

Is there a way that we only receive one spam digest e-mail in which we can release messages from both servers?


Right now we got two spam digest e-mails from Exchange01 and Exchange02. Messages which arrived by Exchange01 can't be released by the spam digest e-mail gererated from Exchange02.


Thanks for your help.

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    I have checked this with our global escalation team, unfortunately, the feature you are looking for is not available as each server will send a digest email as soon as there is a message in quarantine. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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    Hi Shweta,

    Thank you for the reply. However I have to disagree. A digest email is sent once per day rather every time a message enters the quarantine. I also would expect the global escalation team to have given some explanation why we (administrators) can see the entire quarantine across all servers, but not for the end-users. This makes no sense at all. Why go to all the bother of developing software that can combine data (all held in a central database), and replicate all failed suspected spam messages across ALL servers, to then only present the ones held on one server to the end user. And on top of that send multiple emails to end users if more than one Exchange server exists.

    If this really is the case, yours software is total rubbish and you need to redevelop it. It's been the same since 2013.

    Also I would note that your Puremessage for Unix does this (i.e combines quarantine emails from multiple servers for end users to digest). It does exactly what the software for Windows (Exchange) should do. Perhaps you can get an answer from a developer rather than 1st line global.


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    I certainly understand your concern, but this is something that is beyond the puremessage capability as of now.