Hybrid Exchange Migration. Can I or Should I turn off PureMessage?

We are in the middle of migrating from On-prem Exchange 2010 to Hosted Exchange and I've been wondering.. Is much point to having PureMessage still installed on our On-prem Exchange Server?

We have migrated all of our end-user mailboxes over to being cloud-hosted, but are still using our on-prem exchange server to relay emails.

I have noticed that Pure Message hasn't really done any quarantining since migrating the mailboxes, however it is still detecting the odd virus attached and/or linked to emails. So I'm not entirely sure if it is doing a great job since going hybrid anyway.

Considering our current environment is hybrid, is it safe to uninstall PureMessage from our on-prem exchange server?

We are currently running Pure Message version, on Exchange 2010, on Windows Server 2008 R2.

We are using Zen Spamhaus as our on-prem blocklist DNSBL, if that factors into the equation at all.

Thanks for anyone's input.... I don't want to go uninstalling PureMessage and breaking something in the process... having things hybrid is so stressful! Eeek.


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    I'd suggest you consult the security architect of your organization, he/she can decide whether to remove this particular product from your environment is safe or not because there are so many factors which could be taken into the measures before this decision and that can only be done by him/her.

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    I shall consult our security architect. We were not aware that we had a security architect until last week.


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    You're welcome. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any assistance on Pure-message for Exchange.