High amount of SPAM, settings seem fine

Hello community,

we are receiving a huge amount of spam daily, even though the anti-spam settings seem to be fine.

We adjust the anti-spam settings via the two sliders. Are there any more options for controlling spam?


Also, how can I check the current database version? The update policy is applied, but I cant tell if it really is updating anything for PureMessage.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, that is the only option available for the SPAM settings. 

    When you set up updates policy, it updates Sophos Virus library and Anti-Virus engine not the Pure Message for Microsoft Exchange.

    You need to manually upgrade the Pure Message for Exchange version.

    Could you please provide more description on which database version do you want to know? Is it Pure message for Exchange version?

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    Hello Jasmin, 


    thanks for the quick reply. 




    You need to manually upgrade the Pure Message for Exchange version.



    Can you tell me how I can do that?


    Thank you.

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    Apparently my anti spam engine is up to date.


    Spam detection engine version: 2.7.2
    Spam detection data version: 2019.9.26.124816


    But for some reason spam gets not detected and is directly delivered to the mailboxes. 

    Do you have any idea how I can prevent this from happening?

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    Updating Sophos PureMessage for Exchange is carried out automatically by the Sophos AutoUpdate feature. If you want to check if Sophos products you are using are up-to-date or not, please check this article. Also, I would recommend you to check this article which provides troubleshooting steps to follow if puremessage fails to block spam. It might be worth to enable X-headers for 'Spam Score' in Puremessage to assess the spam score given to spam email. If the spam score is given to the mail is too low, you will need to submit a sample to our labs team. 

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    When you download the new version from your Sophos ID, it will also have an upgrade document for the next version. Sophos has started providing an upgrade document with the new version rather than as public document.

    If you still want, I can give you the older upgrade document for the Pure Message for Exchange 3.1 version. Please refer to this document for that. You can also contact your partner from whom you purchased this product to have help on the upgrade part.

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    Thanks i have same issue on my website of spam comments how to deal with it as well.

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    Would you please suggest about the Sophos product which you are using on your side on which you need our advice?