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Puremessage for Exchange W2008 R2 enable SPF Filter

Is it possible to enable SPF filtering for spoofed emails in Puremessage for Exchange  

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Fred,

    PureMessage for Exchange cannot do SPF filtering.  Central Email Gateway, PureMessage for UNIX, Email Appliance, and XG/UTM Firewall would be the products that can perform SPF filtering.

  • In reply to MEric:

    Exchange can, but I had loads of NDRs.

    It turns out that installing the SenderID Agent also installs the other spam agents and that the NDRs where a result of Content filtering Enabled with default SCL rating Reject, I have disabled Content Filtering and again enabled SenderID Filter. 

    I have Hardfails sofar for lazy domain admins that forgot to include their mailing list provider and have set themselves a -all hardfail for not listed.