PureMessage for UNIX: SMTP authentication with Sendmail as the MTA

We need PureMessage with sendmail as the MTA to be configured *not* to test messages from SMTP authenticated users.

The KB article with postfix as the MTA is not applicable because our environment uses sendmail.

I tried a workaround by placing all of our mail users in the 'whitelisted-senders' list but that backfired because it caused a big increase in very nasty spam messages appearing to be coming from our users since their From fields were forged.

I hope that somebody can help :-).

  • What is it your trying to do? 

    Spoof protection? or validation?

    Sendmail does not relay a message until after it has performed its programmed checks.  So making a pmx/milter rule will not be done at connection time.  To do this properly you would need to accept the message to the file system and then run milter rules on the message (aka postfix)

    for proper sendmail validation a page like : https://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/check.html  may help you create the appropriate policy with send mail.